Documentary Photography & Storytelling Workshop

"How to tell visual stories through photography"

The main objective is that the student learns how to develop and edit a story through storytelling and documentary photography. In this space, they will learn to refine a composition, understand the visual language, and carry out the practical and conceptual knowledge that will help them face stories in real situations. This intensive workshop will give students the tools to find their own visual language, and gain a new perspective on their personal work.

The dynamics of the workshop will be practical and theoretical. Essential aspects will be introduced to understand and execute a personal project with the same demands imposed by international outlets. This workshop delves deeply into the practice and individual creation of a documentary photography project. Each participant will develop a photographic story during the workshop. Daily editing sessions will be held on each project under Tamara's guidance, allowing participants to engage in discussions on the most appropriate ways to create, develop and edit a story.



When: To be announced.
Mode: Online (Face-to-face suspended due to the current COVID 19 situation). Application deadline: To be announced.
*Spaces are limited.

If you are interested please contact directly:
Phone and WhatsApp: +569 663 73 422

Some of the topics that we will be working on include:

- How to prepare (pre-production) and build a documentary story.
- How to develop an in-depth documentary story, step by step.
- How to delve into a specific topic, and portray intimacy. 
- How to work on short, medium, and long term projects. 
- How to write the text of your story. 
- How to edit (selection and sequencing of photographs in a documentary story).
- Digital post-production.


These mentoring sessions are individual and personalized classes, where the student will have complete guidance and accompaniment on their documentary stories and projects.


Classes are 1 hour long, and will take place through the Zoom platform. The classes can be 1 or 2 times per week, depending on the availability of the student and mine.

- Classes can be extended for a full year.
- There is a minimum of 3 classes.  

If you are interested please contact directly:

Phone and WhatsApp: +569 663 73 422

Mentorships have 2 modalities:

1. Editing and sequencing of projects already developed, in which all of the material produced will be edited into a final sequenced project, leaving it ready to be presented to funds, magazines, media outlets and galleries, among others.

2. Short or long-term mentoring sessions to support the creation of documentary projects. Tamara will guide and accompany the student in their choice of a theme, pre-production, preparation, development, editing, sequence and writing text for the project. A final project will be created and sequenced in preparation for it to be presented to funds, magazines, media outlets and galleries, among others.

Themes that will be worked on include:

- Preparation and pre-production of the documentary story.
- Step-by-step, in-depth development of the documentary story.
- Deepening in the intimacy of the story.
- What is the best place for your story?
- Writing the text of your story.
- Editing the selection and sequence of photographs in a documentary story.  We will review all of the material produced by the student.
- Digital post-production.


In the last 5 years, Tamara has given workshops on Documentary Photography and Storytelling in Chile, for National Geographic Learning, and internationally on a personal basis.